Capturing and manipulating images WEEK 2 – Selection Tools

In our second lesson of Capturing and Manipulation Images, we were asked to take a picture of someone in the class, upload it onto the computer and work it in six different ways with the Adobe Photoshop CS6 program. All the students learned how to create a Layer from Background and then work with the Selection Tools which are:

  • Rectangular Marquee Tool (with this tool we can create a rectangular and/or a square shape for the image);
  • Eliptical Marquee Selection Tool (an oval and/or a circle shape is what this tool provides us);
  • Lasso Selection Tool (the Lasso tool is useful for drawing freeform segments of a selection border);
  • Polygonal Lasso Selection Tool (allow us to create a selection with straight edges);
  • Magnetic Lasso Selection Tool (useful for selecting areas with reasonably well-defined edges);
  • Quick Selection Tool (it allow us to select part of the image very quick).


Selection Tools - Week 2





The use of this tools will be extremely important when creating our trend report for styling and capturing and manipulatin images, since it allow to cut some parts of a layer, incorporate in another one, and so creates different effects and mistures, for example.

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