Capturing and manipulating images WEEK 3 – Image Optimisation and Compositing

In last Thursday’s class we learned how to place a character from one scene to another through Image Optimisation and Compositing. We were given two images to work with, named “Long-Road-Ahead.jpg” and the “Balmain-full-fashion-runway-model.jpg”.



  • We set the resolution to 300 ppi;
  • After that we used the Crop Tool;
  • Changed the Backgorung Layer’s name to “Long Road Ahead”;
  • Used the Colour Balance Adjustment. Here we were able to adjust the image at our own taste and turn it into something more personal. At this stage I decided to place more emphasis on the sky and landscape with a nice contrast.

The model:

  • First of all, we used the Move Tool to drag the image into the tab we’ve been working before;
  • The next step was rename the new layer “Model”;
  •  Then we selected the model with the Quick Selection Tool, open the Refine Edge Dialogue box to smooth, feather and add contrast to the selection. We’ve created our selection as a layer mask on the ‘Model’ layer at this point;
  • After that, the Paintbrush Tool helped us to remove any remaining unwanted out lines from the image and bringing back any areas that were missed in original selection. We also added shadow;
  • Then, the Layer Opacity was reduced to 30%;
  • Lastly, we clicked on the “Long-Road-Ahead” Layer and added a Lens Flare with our personal taste and saved the file as a .jpeg and a .PSD



Once again, when creating our trend report, Optimisation and Compositing will be crucial because we can do several things by using them such as cut the image of the model and add to a layer and make it seem she is walking on the runway. After that, of course, we can do the same process with other models in order to create “a succession of models on the runway” with different trends and explain them with other type of tools.




Here is the result!



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  1. Again very neat and clear.

    I’d like to see some of your ideas and opinions about the tools and processes coming across in the blog writing too…

    What ideas does it give you for your own work? What sort of images might you combine in future?

    A strong start. Keep it up 🙂


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