Capturing and manipulating images WEEK 4 – Retouching

The work we did this week was fun, but yet very productive. We had the chance to learn how to perform a digital gender reassignment by using the retouching tools of Photoshop program.



  • After download the “Photoshop-Retouching-Exersise.JPG” doc from the moodle, we opened it with the respective program and duplicated the background layer by dragging it onto the New Layer Icon;
  • The next step was to apply a perspective transformation to make the jaw a litle more feminine (Edit > Transform > Perspective);
  • In the third place we used the Liquify Filter to define the cheek bones, narrow the nose and the eyebrows and enlarge the eyes and the lips. All this with the Foward Warp Tool, Pucker Tool and Bloat Toolrespectively;
  • Magic Wand Tool helped us to select the forehead and cheek bones and after pressing the Refine Edge menu, we used the Feather slider to grade in the edge of the selection. We have to adjust the slider carefully in order to make it look natutal in this stage of the process;
  • Gaussian Blur to smooth the complexion of the skin (once again, carefully);
  • Spot Healing Tool to remove some pores, spotes and wrinkles we didn’t want in his/her face;
  • We also used the Healing Brush Tool to remove some stubble left between the nose and the upper lip. By pressing the ALT key we can select a smooth area of skin to use as a sample area for the brush;
  •  After that, the Clone Stamp Tool helped us to remove the hair around the eyebrow;
  • We set the Opacity to 30%;
  •  Red Eye Reduction Tool to of course, remove the “red eyes”;
  • Areas under the eyes and eyebrows lighten by using the Dodge Tool;
  •  Burn Tool to darken the lips and the cheek bones;
  • Paintbrush Tool to add some lipstick effect to the lips and blush to the cheek bones with low Opacity;
  • Layer Visibility Toggle was the last thing we did in the process to see the “before” and “after”;
  • After saving the doc as a JPG, our work was done! 😀




Learning how to use this Retouching Tools might be useful for, curiously, almost everything when it comes to retouch some pictures or give them a different effect. If someone is not satisfied with their freckles, wrinckles or even a “bad make up day”, can easily transform and change their insecurities with just a click by using the retouching tool. To create invitations for parties or events with people’s photos attached, this tool is ideal.





Before and After

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