Capturing and manipulating images WEEK 5 – Type tool

In the week we created the cover of a magazine, we learnt how to use the type tool. Using the type tool and retouching tool (which we used also in previous lessons) we get the exact idea of ​​what not everything that looks like it is.


Procedure of what we did:

  • Download the file “CoverShot” and open with Photoshop program;
  • Resize the image to constrain the proportions and resize from the centre;
  • Duplicate the layer and name one ‘Covershot’ and the other “Forehead”;
  • Select the head, shades and hair with the Quick Selection Tool and then Refine Edge Option to adjust the parameters;
  •  The next step is OUTPUT TO LAYER MASK;
  • Select the Type tool. Use the ruler and click at 50% in the centre of our image;
  • Use the Georgia font style (bold 72 point, colour white, align centre);
  • Type “EMPORIA”  in upper case letters;
  • Drag the “CoverShot” layer underneath the “Forehead” layer and use the Move Tool with ‘transform controls’ selected in its option bar to resize the text;
  • Double click on the type layer to open the layer styles dialogue box, use the Stroke Option and give the layer a stroke of 5 points.
  • Type, again with the Type Tool,  “Executive Resource Management Blunders” (aligned to the left in the same font) and resize the text;
  • Type “Can the Candle burn at both ends Forever?” (this time aligned to the right) and resize the text;
  • Right click on the “Emporia” layer and copy the layer style. Then paste it on to the other two type layers;
  • Download the “Barcode” image from Moodle, rotate and resize in order to fit in the bottom right corner of the image;
  • Save the file as a .PSD and a .JPEG;
  • There we have our Magazine Cover!!




After this lesson I got a broader notion of how the media works and how just a few simple touches can enhance the image of a person (or object) in order to capture the public’s attention. What we did is definitely essential for subjects such as Principles of Journalism and Styling, for example.


Magazine Cover - Week 5

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