On our first workshop we were able to work with the composition and perspective photo techniques and relate it with the subjects in the photographs. When we finished the activity, me and my group (Martyna, Lys and Aisha) worked on the Rockband activity and used the same photo techniques, but this time with humans as subject.

Still-life photo activity


The first picture was taken from the front. The composition is centered and the focus is on the apple juice bottle, which is in the same alignment as the water. The apple juice bottle looks much bigger than the rest of the background objects because it’s closer to the camera.


The photograph was taken from the left hand side and the focus on the camera is on the space between the background and foreground. Comparing to the first example, we can see all the objects clearly.

DSC_0016 DSC_0017 DSC_0019


By moving subjects and the camera position, the composition is the same. Although, it has changed since firstly the subjects are further from the camera and closer in the second figure. That happened because we are dealing with a different perspective and a closer depth of field.





Rockband Activity




Through my point of view, photographing people is more relaxing and fun, since there is more movement and we can change ideas and thoughts and give different suggestions. The objects are more serious things and require more concentration as well.

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