In the first lesson of the second term, we created a single page layout of the article with title, standfirst, body text and a picture.

  • Firstly, we downloaded the ‘breaking the platform habit text.doc’ from moodle and an image of platform shoes from google;
  • Secondly, we opened a New Document in Adobe InDesign¬†(1 number of pages, A4 size, 2 number of columns, 4.233mm gutter and when clicking “more options” we set the bleed to 3mm);
  • After, we draged some guides from the ruler at the top of the page to 46mm, 48mm, 60mm, 62mm, 192mm and 194mm in order to help us lying out the page;
  • The next step was drag a frame to the title, another one for the standfirst, bodytext and picture, using the rectangle frame tool and the guides and margins (these two last leped us drawing the frames);
  • We did double click in the title frame and with the Type tool we typed “Stride into 2014 Breaking the Platform Habit“. Also, we changed the font to Cambria Bold, font 40, aligned it to the center and unticked the hypenation;
  • The text onto two lines was removed by hitting ENTER between “2014” and “Breaking” in the title frame;
  • In the standfirst frame, we typed “‘Lynn Yaeger, Vogue, January 2014” and changed to Cambria Bold too, but this time to font size 18 and aligned to the right;
  • For the body text we clicked on the File menu and then Place. We placed the text document we downloaded before. After clicking four times to highlight the whole text, the following step was to set the font to Cambria, font size 10 and aligned to the left;
  • From the Object menu, we’ve chosen the Text Frame Options and choose 2 columns which means the text is now devided;
  • For the image, we selected the final frame by going to the File menu again and Placed the image we downloaded. Before these steps we made sure the frame was selected with the black arrow;
  • We also made sure the frame was still selected and clicked again in the Object menu, then Fitting and lastly Fit Content Proportionally;
  • We saved the document as an .indd InDesign;
  • We exported as a .jpg;
  • And it was done!!




The work we’ve done on InDesign is crucial when writting a feauture, Editorial or Advertorial, since we have to have text and images. This lesson gave us the notion of what to do and how to manage to put everything together. This is the basics to help us in the future and it’s up to us to be creative and explore InDesign and the techniques we’ve lerned in the lesson later on.



platform habit

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