In the second lesson we did the Totem Project:

  • First, we created a new 6 page document with facing pages,
  • 6.3mm margins, 2 columns, 3mm bleed.
  • layout a frame for the cover page using the rectangle frame tool (right up to the bleed edges)
  • File > Place ’Totem Promo Poster.jpg’
  • Object > Fitting > Fill Frame Proportionally
  • Object > Fitting > Frame options to fill the frames
  • Using the rectangle selection tool to layout text where to lie on pages 2,3, 4 and 5
  • *Avoid the interesting parts of the pictures and put the text over the textural background images.
  • Used the black selection arrow tool to click the little red + sign in the corner of the frame to load your cursor with the overset text and then drop it into the next frame on page 3.
  • Then we Selected all the text and change its colour fill to White,  Justify the text with the end of the paragraphs aligning to the left.
  • Increased the text size to 15 points
  • Using the overset text red + sign reflow the text into the frames on pages 4 and 5.
  • Object > Text frame Options + make each frame 2 columns.
  • Added a rectangle frame over the text wall on page 3.
  • File > Place Cirque_415.jpg.
  • Object > Fill Frame proportionally
  • Selected the frame and window > text wrap.  Set the frame to have text wrap around it and increase the off set to 2mm
  • Saved as jped spreads


tote totem2 totem3 totem4


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