This week process:

  • Place holder text
  • We filled the main body of the text with stand in / place holder text.
  • Then clicked the type tool in the rectangular frame.
  • Type> Fill with place holder text 
  • Putting an effect on the title
  • Selected the frame containing the title text.
  • Effects menu > Drop Shadow
  • Adjusted the parameters for position and direction of light source.
  • Defining a clipping path for an image
  • Selected the frame containing the image.
  • Object menu > Clipping Path > Options
  • Selected Detect edges from the ‘type’ drop down menu.

Adjusted Threshold and Tolerance until the edges of image are clearly defined by the brown anchor points and paths.

  • Text wrap pop out menu > Wrap text around object shape
  • Use the ‘Offset : Top’ option to increase the space around the image that the text wraps.



Links Panel

  • Found the links panel at the top of the pop out menus on the right under pages, and layers or in the Window menu.
  • We can use the links Panel to identify images in the document, the page they are on and other useful information.
  • The panel shows an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle to indicate when a file has been modified and to update the file, we can click the indicator.


Editing Image

  • To edit an image after it have been placed in a document…
  • Edit menu > Edit Original > Choose Program  


Save as .jpeg and done!!!Week 4 poncho

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