• Open Photoshop, File, New and name “SJP”;
  • The document is 5.5” and 300 resolution;
  • Place “Feathers” and name the layer exactly like that;
  • New layer and name it “Sarah Jessica Parker”;
  • Use the Quick Selection Tool and select the model;
  • Use Move Tool to the selection in the background;
  • Adjust the size using the “Show Transform Controls” and shift key;
  • Duplicate the layer and name it “Sarah’s head”;
  • Use the Quick Selection Tool again to select the head, shades and hair;
  • Refine Edge option and then select Output to Layer Mask;
  • Enable ruler options;
  • Save the doc as .jpeg and photoshop




  • New Document, set the number of pages to 6, the page size to A4 and with a 4.233mm gutte;
  • Margins should be set to 12.7mm;
  • Click ‘More options’ and set the bleed to 3mm;
  • Place the “SJP” cover .jpeg I did in PHOTOSHOP, object, fitting, fit frame to content;
  • Then, Display Performance, High Quality Display;
  • Bring rulers down to 100 and 110 vertical and 50 and 60 horizontal

Contents Page:

  • Place “Tuxedo Women”, Fitting Content to Frame and High Quality Display, take off;
  • Select two frames with the Retangular Frame Tool and define colour;
  • Type Tool to write “Vogue”;
  • New Layer, add Retangle Tool and type “Contents”

Third Page:

  • Bring rulers down and add four new frames;
  • Change the colour and place “Jordania” and “Santorini”;
  • After, use “Ellipse Tool” twice and write some text;
  • Use Drop Cap with 3 number of lines for both textes;
  • Add two more little frames for “Next Week Destinies”;
  • Place “Lisbon” and “Monaco” and write Lisbon and Monaco respectively;

Fourth and Fifth Pages (double page spread):

  • Bring rulers down and place the image with Sarah and the shoe;
  • After I wrote the title “SARAH JESSICA PARKER – NEW SHOE COLLECTION” and the standfirst with Times New Roman, style Georgia and 50 and 30 sizes, respectively. Both bold;
  • The next stop was to select the frame, place “Text” and then clicked on the little plus so the text could go to the following frame;
  • I selected the text and then, Object, Text Frame Options and changed the number of columns for two;
  • After with the Retangle Frame Tool on the text, and the Retangle being selected, Placed another image;
  • With the image selected, Window, Text Wrap and then Wrap Around Bounding Box;
  • For the last Frame, add Polygon Tool for the text “What would Carry Say?”;
  • Lastly, added the last three images by clicking on the Place Option as I’ve been doing;
  • Added 3 Drop Caps to the text in Paragraph Formatting Controls, 3 Number Of Lines;
  • Inserted Pull Quotes.

Back Cover:

  • Retangle Frame Tool, Place “Tom Ford” and with Type Tool, type Tom Ford on it.


In the end, I inserted the Page Numbering by going to the Type Tool, Type Option, Insert Special Character, Markers (current page number in “contents” and changed the others). Saved as Indesign File and Exported as .pdf (print), Spreads.



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