DTP INDESIGN   PHOTOSHOP Cover: Open Photoshop, File, New and name “SJP”; The document is 5.5” and 300 resolution; Place “Feathers” and name the layer exactly like that; New layer and name it “Sarah Jessica Parker”; Use the Quick Selection Tool and select the model; Use Move Tool to the selection in the background; Adjust… Continue reading DTP MAGAZINE LAYOUT

DTP Definitions

  DTP Definitions       Bleed Text or graphics that extends all the way to the edge of the paper it is printed on. Bleeds are used in publishing for graphical effect and for printed tabs. Most printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper, so the only way to… Continue reading DTP Definitions


DTP WEEK5: PARAGRAPH STYLES AND PACKAGING FILE (PROCESS) Paragraph Styles First, I clicked the paragraph to assign a style. Open : Window > Styles > Paragraph Styles Then I created a new paragraph style and double clicked it to open the Paragraph Settings Menu. Then I made change of the settings : Font Family, Size, Alignment, Drop Caps,… Continue reading DTP WEEK 5


This week process: Place holder text We filled the main body of the text with stand in / place holder text. Then clicked the type tool in the rectangular frame. Type> Fill with place holder text  Putting an effect on the title Selected the frame containing the title text. Effects menu > Drop Shadow Adjusted… Continue reading DTP WEEK 4


Page Numbering and Character / Paragraph editing – Karl Lagerfeld   Third week process: 1.Page numbering To insert page numbers onto pages.. ・Work on the Master Page ・Use the Rectangle Trame Tool to mark out where I want the page numbers to display ・Type > Insert Special Character > Markers > Current Page Number ・Click back on the… Continue reading DTP WEEK 3


In the second lesson we did the Totem Project: First, we created a new 6 page document with facing pages, 6.3mm margins, 2 columns, 3mm bleed. layout a frame for the cover page using the rectangle frame tool (right up to the bleed edges) File > Place ’Totem Promo Poster.jpg’ Object > Fitting > Fill Frame Proportionally Object… Continue reading DTP WEEK 2


In the first lesson of the second term, we created a single page layout of the article with title, standfirst, body text and a picture. Firstly, we downloaded the ‘breaking the platform habit text.doc’ from moodle and an image of platform shoes from google; Secondly, we opened a New Document in Adobe InDesign (1 number of… Continue reading DTP WEEK 1


When creating my Trend Report I used the following Tools: Quick Selecting Tool to select the models and put them into another layer, and some of the backgroung Type Tool to write the name of the brands, title and description Magnetic Lasso Tool Elliptical Marquee Tool